Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat’s Saurashtra: Congress V-P targets ruling BJP on unemployment, farmers’ distress

Dwarka: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi meeting the supporters during his visit to Dwarka in Gujarat on Monday. PTI Photo (PTI9_25_2017_000200B)

Dwarka, Gujarat: Vice-President of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, impressed rural areas in the Saurashtra region, which also sends the largest number of legislators to the Gujarat 182-seat assembly, taking a conversation style while pointing to the government of Narendra Modi to Center. The BJP has been showing central government achievements in statewide elections.

Gandhi completed the day one of his three-day tour of Gujarat on Monday.

As a descendant of Congress, he attacked both the central government and the state governments on unemployment and farmers’ anguish, two issues likely to do more harm to the BJP, who cornered them as victims of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policy of capitalism of buddies. applause with the crowd shouting even the names of corporate houses to bring home their point.

“You yourselves know them, the interests of all are being sacrificed by a group of corporations,” he said.

In Gujarat, to start the Congress campaign under the theme “Yuva Rojgar, Kisan Adhikar,” Gandhi outlined the national theme of the party for 2019, as he said while going to the village meetings, that the country was facing two hot topics: jobs for lakhs of youth; and the other is the farmer sinking into a deeper crisis. ”

“Modi promised jobs, but his government has been able to provide employment only to a lakh people across the country. The government minister herself told us this in Parliament,” Gandhi said.

“Nahi, nahi (no, no),” the multitudes of Bhatia and Hanjrapar in Devbhoomi Dwarka district shouted in unison, when he asked, “Aapko mili naukri? Nahi na” (Did you get a job?

He added: “Kisi bhi pradesh mein chaley jao, Gujarat mein, Uttar Pradesh mein, Rajasthan mein, yuvaon ko Hindustan mein aaj rojgar nahi milta (Go to any state, be it Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, youth in Hindustan do not get jobs). ”

The young man had trusted Modi when he promised to give jobs, but that has not happened. “Every day 30,000 young people come to the market looking for jobs in India,” he added.

Gandhi started a three-day election campaign in Gujarat from the historic Dhwarkadheesh temple in the holy city of Dwarka in the coastal region of Saurashtra.

Just as Uttar Pradesh sends most of the deputies to parliament, Saurashtra in Gujarat sends most of the 52-year MLAs to the 182-member Gujarat Assembly. Saurashtra also has several similarities with Uttar Pradesh, be it the backwardness of the region or its deeply rooted caste system.

In a strategically designed travel program on Monday, Gandhi was traveling through the belt of other backward classes (OBC) in Devbhoomi Dwarka and Jamnagar districts in Gujarat. The tour did not have a resemblance, but actually coincided with Hardik Patel at the same time touring the dominated regions of the same districts while Rahul moved in the areas of OBC. In this way both covered separately the region according to the domination of the caste.

Neither Gandhi nor Patel or, for that matter, the few activists even referred to Prime Minister Vijay Rupani in what is a vote for or against his government.

Although Gujarat police denied permission to Gujarat police for security reasons, Gandhi interacted, chatted and took questions from villagers who crowded the roads at various places along the nearly 150-kilometer journey between Dwarka and Jamnagar. Gandhi also held talks with traders and small traders.

The vice president of Congress received applause when he called demonetization an attack on the poor and the peasants. “When the poor, the peasants and the mom and pop shops were able to recover from this collision, another obstacle arose: the Goods and Services Tax (GST) ) , “he claimed.