Fight in Gujarat between truth and lies and ‘truth is on our side’, says Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressing the media after a meeting with several ex-servicemen at party headquarters in New Delhi on Friday. PTI Photo by Subhav Shukla (PTI11_4_2016_000128B)

Nana Pondha (Gujarat): Drawing an analogy with the Pandava-Kaurava fight in the epic Mahabharata, congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said on Thursday that the fight between his party and the BJP in Gujarat was one between “the truth and the lie” , where the truth was on the side of Congress.

Gandhi said that although the prime minister was armed with his “government, police, army, governments in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh”, he had the truth on his part “and we do not need anything other than the truth”.

“The fight is between truth and lies, Kauravas had a great army, weapons, and the Pandavas only had truth and nothing else, I would like to tell you that we only have truth and nothing else,” he said at a rally in Nana Pondha. city ​​in the district of Valsad dominated by tribes.

Gandhi resumed campaigning at the polls after returning from Rae Bareli, where he had flown to meet the victims of Wednesday’s explosion at an NTPC power plant.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed to provide jobs for young people, and instead of creating two crore jobs each year as promised, only one lakh of jobs are generated per year,” Gandhi said.

He also accused Modi of lying about the promise to deposit Rs 15 lakh in each person’s account by returning the black money hidden abroad.

The government of Congress will stick to the truth, even if it is unpleasant, said Gandhi.

“What the six million people of Gujarat say is different from what these three or four people and their industrial friends who run the state say,” he said.

“The truth of Gujarat has nothing to do with the truth of the BJP, and the truth of the BJP has nothing to do with the truth of Gujarat,” he said, arguing that farmers, tribes, the poor, the padadores, the Dalits were all aggrieved. to BJP government policies.

“The truth of Gujarat is unemployment among young people, the difficulties of farmers, costly private education and medical care, corruption and theft of land, and the truth of the BJP is the profits of five to ten corporations, the theft of land and water and toffee from Rs 35,000 crore in the name of Nano (apparent reference to a loan for the Tata Nano plant), and ‘suit-boot ki yaari’ (closeness to corporations), “he said.