Why Maria Sharapova has been charged with ‘cheating and criminal conspiracy’ by Delhi Police


Tennis star Maria Sharapova faces a charge of “trap and criminal conspiracy”. Delhi police have filed a case against her in a plea from people who invested in a housing project she supported. Sharapova had supported the luxury housing project during her trip to India in 2012.

The development of Homestead’s infrastructure, the company behind the housing project, had allegedly taken millions of rupees from home buyers before the project collapsed.

The Russian tennis star traveled to India in 2012 to support the luxury apartment complex in Gurgaon, outside of New Delhi, which he called ‘Ballet’, and potential buyers were told they would include a tennis academy and a clubhouse, according to Russia Today.

According to reports, the project website quoted Sharapova as saying he wanted to “make owners feel they have something special and different.”

Because Maria?

The lawyer representing one of the buyers, Piyush Singh, said the police had filed initial charges of fraud and criminal conspiracy against Sharapova as part of a larger case against the development of Homestead’s infrastructure.

Singh also explained that the reason for Sharapova’s reservation with the same charges is that any celebrity who endorses any product technically becomes an agent of the company.

“Any celebrity who endorses any product technically becomes an agent of that company, and no one would have invested in the project if Sharapova’s name was not there,” Singh said.

The Gurugram project was supposed to be ready in 2016, but, Singh said, the construction work was abandoned after builders collected money from homebuyers.

According to Forbes, the Sharapova earned almost $ 30 million in 2015, with $ 23 million coming from endorsements like the projects in Gurgaon.