Sachin Tendulkar Reveals Why He Initially Thought Batting With “Shy” Virender Sehwag Wouldn’t Work


Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag combined to become one of the most destructive associations at the top of the order in world cricket. The duo together has given nightmares to the best bowlers in international cricket. However, speaking with the presenter Vikram Sathaye about ‘What the Duck 3’, Tendulkar has revealed that at the beginning he was a bit cautious about the idea of ​​hitting with Sehwag for India. The Indian batting legend said that when Sehwag joined the Indian cricket team, he would not talk to Tendulkar.

Tendulkar and Sehwag made an appearance together in Episode 5 of “What the Duck 3”, where the Indian master Blaster recalled some good memories of hitting with the Delhi Dasher.

“I remember when Viru joined the team for the first time, he did not talk to me, so I thought it could not work, that we had to talk to each other and if we are struggling together, I need to make him feel comfortable. Before going, I asked him what he liked and he said: ‘Paaji, I’m a vegetarian.’ When I asked him why, he revealed that at home he had been told that eating chicken makes you fat. ” Tendulkar said laughing.

Recalling the moment he first encountered Tendulkar, Sehwag said, “When I met him, he simply shook my hand and moved on, I thought of myself idolizing this person and he just shook my hand and walked away. But later when I was a senior and I met new players, I did the same thing and then I realized that you can not get close to a person before I met him, I was very shy when I joined the team for the first time. ”

Tendulkar and Sehwag opened together in 93 ODIs for India, scoring a total of 3,919 runs at an average of 42.13. The duo notched 12 positions of 100 races and 18 of 50 races as an opening pair to occupy fourth place on the list of highest opening association races in international cricket.

By the way, Tendulkar along with his former teammate Sourav Ganguly top the list. The two former captains of India opened together at 136 ODIs, scoring a whopping 6,609 combined runs at an average of 49.32. Tendulkar and Ganguly achieved 21 associations of 100 races and 23 posts of 50 races.