Pulwama attack: We will see what happens – IPL Chairman Rajiv Shukla on India vs Pakistan in World Cup


In the wake of Pulwama’s terrorist attack, the Premier of India (IPL), Rajiv Shukla, made it clear that there is no possibility of bilateral cricket links between India and Pakistan unless they obtain government approval. .

Shukla admitted to having faith in the concept that sports are above everything else, but said that “if someone sponsors terrorism” then obviously it would have an impact on sports.

“Our position is very clear. Unless the government gives us its assent, we will not play with Pakistan. “Sports should be above all these things, but if someone sponsors terrorism, obviously it will also affect sports,” Shukla told reporters. photos of Pakistan cricket players removed from the Mohali stadium after the Pulwama attack

When asked if India would play against Pakistan in the next World Cup, Shukla dodged the question saying: “We can not tell you that right now we know … World Cup is far away.

After the attack, people from all over the country expressed their anger and demanded action against Pakistan. The congressman said the outrage is justified and asked Pakistan to stop supporting terrorism.

“This is the indignation of the people who are reflected in this way. Obviously people will react like that. Pakistan must vary from these things. They should not support terrorism. We have been saying this since the first day. When our government was there, we gave tons of documents about their participation. You must realize this, “said Shukla.