Lessons from a ‘Pandit’: How Vidarbha plotted Cheteshwar Pujara’s fall in first innings


In football, there are certain goals scored through set-sets that are known to be directly off the drawing board and that the dismissal of Cheteshwar Pujara on Monday could well be called an equivalent cricket where Chandrakant Pandit was the master planner.

Pandit, one of the most astute tacticians on the national circuit, has a lot of experience in organizing big victories for national heavyweights such as Mumbai and made sure his men studied the problems in the star’s arsenal. India.

The fact that Pujara remains tentative at the start of the innings is a well-known fact and the only goal of the Vidarbha players was to see that he is not allowed to dig his heels to score a “Daddy Hundred”.

The left arm spinner Aditya Sarwate, who claimed the biggest prize of his career, revealed that they had watched Pujara during the Australian series and had found a “weakness” to exploit.

Sarwate, who has 131 first class windows to his credit, declared without hesitation that today has the largest window of his career in Pujara.

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“We had a team meeting and we studied (his batting style). Pujara is still tentative at first and only insists (does not advance much) in the deliveries. We had seen during the Australia series, so the plan was not to allow her to use her feet. He likes to go out, so we had to restrict his shots, “said Sarwate, who had caught Pujara in the first slide of veteran Wasim Jaffer.

It was ideal to attack Pujara, since there were only 10 minutes left for the tea break. There was an offer of shifts with Saurashtra that had already lost two windows.

“We had to attack, the tea was coming, it was only 10 minutes away, so we brought a short leg forward, the ball was spinning, so there was also a stupid point (backwards) and a slip to press it.” said the 29-year-old after the play of the day.

Pujara was fired for only 1 and remained in windows for only 16 minutes, facing 11 deliveries in the process.

It was a rare single-digit score for Pujara, which was pivotal in Australia’s historic series of tests in Australia. He came into this game with scores of 45, 131, 11, 67, 193 and 106 in his last six innings.