India vs Sri Lanka, 1st Test: Virat Kohli Told Reporter ‘Slice My Skin And Check, I Bleed’. Here’s Why


India cricket captain Virat Kohli said on Wednesday he will request a break from the Cricket Control Board in India (BCCI) when he feels the need for one. Prior to Sri Lanka’s visit to India, there were reports that Kohli had requested rest after the second Test against Sri Lanka and the following International Day Series (ODI). Some reports even suggested that the 29-year-old was opting to leave the series to marry girlfriend Anushka Sharma.
The Head of National Sectors MSK Prasad, however, rejected all subsequent reports saying that Kohli had made himself available for the selection of all three Test matches and that the selection committee would consider restoring the captain only after that.
“I definitely need to rest, why do not I need to rest? When I think about the time my body should rest, I’ll ask for it, I’m not a robot, you can cut my skin and check that it bleeds.” Kohli told reporters on the eve of India’s first test against Sri Lanka in the gardens of Eden since Thursday.
When asked about Hardik Pandya’s rest for the first two tests, Kohli said that players who give much more in the field need to rest and sometimes the situation is not understood by everyone.
“This is something that I do not think people explain correctly, there’s a lot of talk from the outside in terms of workload, whether a player has to rest or not rest,” Cricket players all play 40 games in a year. players who should rest, their workloads must be managed, 11 players play but not all would have exceeded 45 overs in an ODI game or not all would have played 30 overs in a test match, “assessed Kohli.
“But those who do it regularly have to be evaluated because the body takes a long time to recover, people just look ‘oh, everyone has played 40 games.'” They do not look at the time spent in the fold.
“The amount of races that have taken place between the terrain, the amount of obstacles thrown in difficult conditions, the conditions, the temperatures, the bodies recovered or not, I do not think that people will get into that, so from the outside, it seems that “why people ask for rest, everyone has played the same amount of games”.
“But not everyone has the same type of workload in all games, only those who have a heavy workload, for example Pujara during a testing season, will have the maximum workload because they spend so much time in the fold. Your game is built that way, so you can not compare that to a counterattack batter, because the workload would have been less.
“So I think all these things have to be taken into account, purely due to the fact that we have built such a strong central team now with 20 to 25 players, we do not want important players to be knocked down at important moments for the team.” Kohli elaborated.
Pandya has played 30 matches in all formats since the ICC Champions Trophy. The 24-year-old SUV said recently that it was he who asked for rest to recover from some doubts.
Kohli said it was necessary to achieve a balance to manage the workload of the players.
“That’s where the balance should be kept in the future, if you have a lot of cricket, with guys that play all three formats, it’s humanly impossible to maintain the same level of performance, which is very important at the beginning of the season. workload, “he added.