India vs Australia: I would always like to bat as high as possible – Rishabh Pant


A slight adjustment in the position of the hand and body posture was all it took for Rishabh Pant to turn the tables after a tough stage behind the stumps in England and the rapid increase of the Indian wicketkeeper-batsman credits Kiran More for making it a reality.

He faced strong criticism for his ability to maintain the ground in adverse English conditions, but Pant more than made up for it in Australia.

In England, where the red Dukes were sewn on all sides, many byes were recorded against the name of Pant, many of them because the ball moved in the air even after leaving the stumps.

However, things changed in Australia, where he achieved 20 sacks with a world record equal to 11 scalps in Adelaide.

“Staying in England was a totally different experience. After that, I worked with Mr. Kiran on the NCA in some specific areas. It included positioning of hands and body posture. “Each goalkeeper has a different movement, I pinched it a bit and it worked,” Pant said.

While Pant did not elaborate on the details, More, who has been a respected coach and former chairman of the national selection committee, pointed out some basic areas.

“Rishabh had a more lateral movement and I suggested a bit more posture with the chest open. “It helps maintain balance and stay calm, which is key to the success of Mahendra Singh Dhoni,” said More.

About the position of the hands, More said: “I advised a very small change such as pointing the finger at the ground instead of the bowler, helping to avoid injuries and increasing success in the capture.”

For Pant, the effort is to improve every day and working on his work with gloves is part of that process.

“When you get to the team from a young age, the more you like to learn, the better you take advantage of the opportunities that come your way,” said the 21-year-old.

The turning point for him was certainly the hundred in the oval, which gave him confidence and the effect he showed in Australia was phenomenal both behind and in front of the stumps.