BCCI to monitor overs bowled in the nets during IPL 2018 to avoid burnout

Sunrisers Hyderabad player Bhuvneshwar Kumar with other player during Practice Session a day before their IPL match against Kings XI Punjab at PCA Stadium in Mohali on Thursday, April 27 2017. Express Photo by Kamleshwar Singh

There is likely to be a cap on the number of Indian bowlers hired on the networks during the IPL XI. It is a clause in which the BCCI is working to present it in an attempt to monitor and reduce the workload of Jasprit Bumrah, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar and R Ashwin, among others in the list of contracts. The clause, if agreed, should be included in the contracts that these players have already signed with their respective IPL franchises. It will be in the lines of foreign players that you learn to have with the franchises.

The Indian Express understands that each foreign board that provides NoCs for its players to play in the IPL has an agreement with the BCCI that states that it will not “overload” to avoid exhaustion. To the extent that if a bowler is made to throw even one more than the agreed figure according to the clause, the respective board can withdraw it on the condition that it is “overloaded with work”. It is a similar precautionary measure that the Indian board wants to put in place for its own players to ensure that their bodies do not have to carry an incessant additional charge, especially since the IPL is also played during the hottest two months of the year. India.

“The board will soon have a clause where a bowler hired with the BCCI will have limitations on how much he can play in the networks,” the respective franchises will be informed once the corresponding documentation is completed. The board will seek to add it as an additional clause in contracts between players and franchises, a move that has been considered to protect our players from exhaustion, but they are coming out of a heavy workload while playing for India and with a calendar. agitated ahead, “said a senior BCCI official.

Although a bowler does not necessarily end up playing more than 12 moves a week in a match scenario, in terms of no franchise playing more than three games per week, constant travel and programming can affect them.

And people like Bumrah and Kumar were resting from the Nidahas Trophy in Sri Lanka after they both played an integral role in the three formats on the South Africa tour. Bumrah had released a total of 162.1 overs in less than two months, which included his first series of tests, and will be the key fast bowling player of the Mumbai Indians as it has been in recent years in the 2018 edition of the IPL from April 7. .

“Our main goal is to monitor their workload very carefully with so much international cricket coming in. We have to be careful not to overuse it,” the main selector MSK Prasad recently told PTI. “For each and every one of the fast bowlers, the balance of the workload is very important and the high performance team will follow it closely,” he added.

Captain Virat Kohli, who skipped the two-week tour to Sri Lanka, admitted to having a “workload in disagreement” with him in Mumbai at a promotional event on Tuesday.

“Physically, I had some doubts, I’m just overcoming them, the workload has started to be at odds with me a little bit, I have to be very careful about how to move forward with my body, my mind, my cricket. Very, very important, I’m totally enjoying myself, I do not even have an inch of me missing anything because my body really needed it, “Kohli said. Rapid bowlers in particular will be completely in agreement with their pattern.

Pacemaker Monitoring U-19: Dravid
Meanwhile, trainer under 19, Rahul Dravid, informed the BCCI about monitoring the workload of the pacemakers who won the World Cup in India last month. Their concerns are based on the many instances in the past in which young dancers fall apart in dealing with the rigors of domestic cricket, some of which never return to the scene. As in the case of Rahul Batham, who was part of the World Cup team in 2016, and since then he has fought two back surgeries and has yet to reach the senior team of Madhya Pradesh.

It is known that Dravid told the BCCI to allow the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bangalore to track the progress of the young pacers.

“Dravid has informed the BCCI that the NCA should monitor the progress of these children under the age of 19, as they will play for their respective states.” As in England and Australia, the board should also have established follow-up procedures for players They performed well during the U-19 tournaments, “the source added.