Will sex lead to another heart attack?


P: I am 55 years old and I had a heart attack six months ago. Now I am very well and I return to work without pain in my chest. I would like to have sex with my wife again, since we had a very good sex life before I was sick.

However, my wife is afraid that if I make love to her, it will cause another heart attack. Will this happen and if not, how do I convince her?

A: An idea of ​​how much energy is used when having sex with a long-term partner, measured in metabolic equivalents (MET), the lower range with a regular partner is 2-3 MET and the upper range (‘vigorous’) It’s 5-6 MET.

Compare these figures with the MET score for other daily activities:
– Walking one mile for 20 minutes at level 3 – 4
– Excavating in the garden 3 – 5
– DIY, wallpaper, car cleaning and the like 4 – 5
– Play golf 4 – 5
– Lifting and transporting objects up to 20 kg 4 – 5

So, if you can do the other activities, you can have sex again. Discuss how you feel with your doctor and use these other activities as a guide for your physical condition.

In terms of convincing his wife to talk to her about how she feels as well and explain how one can compare a healthy sex life with other levels of effort in daily activities.