I like to lick women’s feet. Is it normal?


Hi, I’m a 29 year old man. I have a strange problem. I like to lick a woman’s feet People’s feet make me feel excited. I am ashamed to even say this to anyone. I think this will also cause problems in my sex life. Please let me know how to combat this.

Many people have several fetishes and a foot fetish is quite common. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Many women also like to be licked, tickled or touched, as it is an erogenous zone. However, if your partner does not enjoy it, it is a bad idea to force it. Remember that sex should be pleasant for both and not just one.

Your fetish will not cause you any problems in your sex life, if it does not cause you intense psychological anguish. Even celebrities have strange sexual fetishes, for example. Eva Longoria, of the Desperate Housewives fame, enjoys being tied with silk scarves while having sex.

If your obsession with the feet is causing you a lot of stress and it can not function normally in life, it is recommended that you consult a psychiatrist who will prescribe the appropriate treatment. In fact, since Fifty Shades of Gray came out, fetishes became really cool!