I feel like my vagina is weirdly shaped. Please help


Hi, I’m 24 years old and I’ve never had sex because I’m afraid of having a boyfriend. I used to watch porn and read sex stories when I was young and I wanted to have sex, but I never did. I was even afraid of fingering. Then, I began to rub my vagina very badly. As a result, my inner lip came out and hung from my outer lips between 3 and 4 cm. I feel uncomfortable, ashamed and aware of myself. That’s why I do not get involved in any relationship. What to do? It looks ugly I do not want to undergo any surgery. Please help.

First of all, the vagina is naturally designed in more than 1000 different shapes and sizes and the reality is that all are normal. Do you want something 3-4 cm to determine your life? Did someone look at your vagina and commented? Everything you read from the internet (which has a person of origin or contact details or any credibility) is not necessarily true. In Europe, a project was made to film the vagina and, surprisingly, there were many shapes and sizes with which women were happy and had no problems with their relationships. If you are still worried, there are relatively minor cosmetic surgeries to reduce the size.

Dr. Ramanathan completed his medical course in India before immigrating to Australia in 2005. Since then he has acquired three PG titles: MMed-SexHlth, GradDip-HlthSc and PhD from the University of Sydney, one of the best and most old institutions. He has spent more than five years (in Australia) researching sexuality and sexual health of Indian men. Since 2009, through its site, the SSS Center for Sexual Health, has been providing electronic health consultations, has conducted community-based surveys and forged a strong partnership with other sexual health professionals. He has also worked with NGOs and the media to raise awareness about sexual health. He has received special training in Health Coaching, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Counseling. His understanding of Indian sexuality has been recognized by his peers and for a textbook entitled “The Cultural Context of Pleasure and Sexual Problems,” which was published in 2012, he wrote the chapter on Indian sexuality. He is the current representative of India and the Asia-Pacific region in the Youth Initiative, World Association for Sexual Health