Review of the movie “Chef”: Comfort meal distributed by a Saif Ali Khan front-line


Jon Favreau’s chef (2014) is a light mix about cooking, parenting and success through a food truck. The official remake of Raja Menon, also called Chef, is a huge buffet of cooking, parenting and success through a food truck with family values, romantic rivalry, daddy’s themes and a Raghu Dixit soundtrack.

The unnecessarily prolonged prolongation of Menon’s Chef often threatens to derail it, but the conversational humor, the visual images worthy of being published in the tourism and the friendly personages and performances make that the film follows its course. Chef continues to dishing one scene after another, but Menon makes sure that his basic ingredients are solid and tasty enough to begin with.

Most of the battle is won by the cast: Saif Ali Khan is perfect as the grumpy cook who rediscovers his love for the kitchen, and Svar Kamble makes a remarkable debut as his sweet son.

Some key changes have been made in the original. In the Hollywood film, directed and starring Jon Favreau, a bad criticism and misunderstanding of the reach of social media urge the main character to throw his apron and ride a food truck. In the Hindi version, New York chef Roshan Kalra (Khan) reacts with indignation when a customer criticizes his food and is fired when he rebukes his staff instead of admitting his mistake.

Roshan’s sudden strike is the perfect excuse to visit his ex-wife Radha (Padmapriya) and his son Armaan (Svar Kamble) in Kochi. Roshan begins to rejoin his son, but is disturbed by the fact that Radha seems to have a boyfriend. Since the boyfriend, Biju, is played by Milind Soman, and has a massive house, an elephant in the front yard, a collection of antique cars and the ability to carry a lungi, Roshan has serious reasons to worry.

Roshan’s opportunity for redemption – a dilapidated two-story bus that turns into a mobile restaurant – comes with the added incentive of spending more time with Armaan. Roshan’s loyal assistant Nazrul (Chandan Roy Sanyal) leaves his job in New York and strolls, as does an eccentric driver (Dinesh P Nair).