Mumbai records highest June to September rainfall in 6 years


Mumbai received 23% more rain between June and September – the official monsoon period of the city – than the average.

Between June 1 and September 30, the city recorded 2,946.3 mm of rain against its annual average of 2,258 mm. According to the weather agency, the Santacruz weather station recorded a 24% excess rainfall during the last four months, while the Colaba weather station recorded 8.8% rainfall. Although the monsoon officially ended on September 30, their arrival and retirement have been delayed for a week or two.

In 2016, the city had registered 2,894.5mm between June and September, 1,823.2mm in 2015, 2,299.8mm in 2014, 2432.9mm in 2013 and 1859.9mm in 2012.

Of the 36 districts of Maharashtra, 11 recorded poor rainfall (10 Vidarbha and one Marathwada districts), 17 recorded normal rainfall and eight recorded more than average rainfall from June to September.

Of the four climatic subdivisions in the state, Konkan recorded 10% excessive precipitation and Maharashtra center recorded 18% of excessive rainfall. Marathwada recorded 4% of rainfall poor, with Nanded having the least rainfall in the district. Vidarbha recorded a poor 23% rainfall.

Officials at the meteorological agency said India recorded a 5.2% monsoon deficit between June and September this year compared to a monsoon above last year’s normal.