Indian Railways to take help of Israeli technology at railway stations; what this means


To keep all travelers safe, the Indian Railways led by Piyush Goyal are ready to deploy a technology, which is used by Israel. For this pilot project, Thane and Kalyan railway stations of Central Railway have been selected. The national carrier will not only improve security but also take crowd control measures using artificial intelligence. For the trial, Ashwani Lohani, president of the Railways Board also gave a nod, according to reports. The Central Railroad is currently looking to replicate the technology, which Israel uses in public spaces. Officials told Financial Express Online that Central Railway is looking to improvise video analysis of CCTV cameras installed on platforms, entry and exit points, bridges and railway station areas.

Under this technology, the security system would have enhanced capabilities in case of security alerts to identify a particular person simply by feeding the face to the system. In addition, the system must show the date and time of its presence at the train station. The technology is also able to identify the number of times a person uses the facilities of the railway station in a day, a week or a month.

The technology, as part of the mass control measure, will also allow the railways to establish the exact loading capacity of an FOB (foot on bridge). In addition, it will send a warning if it exceeds the danger levels and if the FOB is overpopulated, after which, the anomaly will be identified by artificial intelligence. In order for someone to take the appropriate measures to disperse the crowd, the railway authorities can then deploy their men for this. According to SK Jain, Divisional Railway Manager (Mumbai), railways aim to install this technology before the end of this monsoon season. The move comes almost a year after the unfortunate stampede of the Elphinstone Road station.

A Central Railway official has said that the current integrated security system lacks these features. Given that Israel develops some of the best innovative security and security technologies equipped with artificial intelligence, the railways are taking the help of one of those Israeli companies that specializes in these types of products. Soon, the Israeli company will also present a presentation on several other features of its security and protection system.