Google opens API for Pixel 2’s Driving DND mode, encourages developers to build distraction-free driving experiences


Using your smartphone when driving is dangerous. There are not two questions about that. With Android Auto and Apple Car Play, the focus has changed from the smartphone screen to the car’s center console. However, smartphone manufacturers are working to make driving and using the phone a safer experience. iOS 11 introduced the “Do not disturb while driving” mode for the iPhone, which users can activate and deactivate at will.

Android introduced something similar with Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Now, Google has said it will open the API used in the driving DND mode of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL to developers, in order to create better driving experiences without distractions for users. The Android developers blog post says: “Behind the scenes, it uses activity recognition with an AI device that detects when a person is driving using low power signals from multiple sensors, bluetooth and WiFi. Android Hub to ensure low latency, low power and accurate driving detection.This is a next step in our journey, but we are far from finished.At the beginning of next year, we will present the Activity Recognition Transition API, which It is the same Api used by Driving Do Not Disturb to create driving experiences without distractions, we appreciate the comments and we will continue to listen to your comments as the product evolves. ”

We have not yet seen how developers use the DND feature and it’s nice to see Google open a critical security feature for developers.