Don’t buy a new phone to access Google Assistant: Older devices to soon have them


NEW DELHI: In an attempt to make its virtual personal assistant available on more Android devices, Google announced on Thursday that the Google Assistant will now be available on phones compatible with the previous Android 5.0 operating system Lollipop (OS).

“We are now adding Android Lollipop to the list of devices that Google Assistant will be available in. It has begun to be implemented for users with the established language in English in India, the US, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and Singapore. as well as in Spanish in the US, Mexico and Spain, “said Maksim Mukha, Program Manager, Google Assistant, in a statement.

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“The Google Assistant is also being extended to users in Italy, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Korea, once the users get the update and the opt-in, they will see an icon of the assistant application in the list ‘All applications’ “, added Mukha.

Earlier this year, the technology giant introduced its voice assistant for Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS with Google Play Services.

Meanwhile, to encourage Internet adoption in India, the company revealed its lightweight operating system as Android Oreo (Go edition) earlier this month.

The users will have to message their Aadhaar number from their mobile [hone at a designated number provided by service providers.

Android Oreo (Go) is primarily made for entry-level Android smartphones with less than 1GB of RAM and, therefore, uses less storage space, less memory and still runs smoothly.

This operating system is an attenuated version of the latest Android Oreo operating system that is currently present in high-end devices.