Airtel Prepaid Recharge Plan: Unlimited Calls, SMS With 1 GB Data Daily For 70 Days


Airtel promises everything for Rs. 448 for 70 days to its prepaid customers. When recharging by Rs. 448, Airtel customers have the right to access unlimited calls, unlimited messages (sms) and free roaming (incoming and outgoing) together with appropriate Internet data. Internet data is subject to the limit of 1 GB per day, which is as good as unlimited. Airtel is not the only telecommunications company that offers unlimited calls, messages and data plans. Even other telecommunications companies like Reliance Jio, Vodafone and Idea Cellular also offer prepaid recharge plans for 70 days offering everything (calls, SMS, roaming and Internet).
Jio, for example, offers a similar plan for Rs. 399 (compared to Airtel’s Rs. 448) that offers 1GB of data per day for 70 days.


At the same time, Vodafone also offers 1 GB of data every day for 70 days by charging Rs. 458 (against the plan Rs. 399 of Reliance Jio and the plan Rs. 448 of Airtel). However, Vodafone has limited calls and messages in the respective plan. Calls are limited to 250 minutes per day and 1,000 minutes per week and messages are free, but are only subject to the limit of 200 per day.

Idea Cellular offers a similar 70-day plan that offers unlimited outbound calls, roaming and sms along with 1GB data every day for a price of Rs. 449 (against the plan Rs. 448 of Airtel, the plan Rs. 399 of Jio and the plan Rs. 458 of Vodafone)

Effectively, the 70-day plan for the four main telecommunication companies (Airtel, Vodafone, Idea Cellular and Jio) is offered in an adjusted price range of Rs. 400 and Rs. 460 with a small difference here and there.

Although the Jio plan is the cheapest and available for Rs. 399 but the difference between the cheapest (Rs.399) and the most expensive (Rs.458) is Rs. 59 for a period of 70 days, which means the difference of less than one rupee for a day.

With such a negligible monetary difference in the prepaid recharge plans of four large telecommunications companies, one should choose the service provider primarily on the basis of the company’s services and network and not just the price differential.