STYLE HUNTER: Say hello to thong heels


Recently, Kim Kardashian West was seen sporting heels that were touted as the ‘it’ shoe of Spring Summer 2018. He could confidently attribute his return to the minimalism of the ’90 having a lucky moment. The experts are promoting these slim heels to make them a cooler choice than their trusted flip flops, as they offer in the oppressive heat. Clearly, there are many options, from Manolo Blahnik bejeweled sandals to Yeezy diving heels.

The feet should be beautiful
The stylist Allia Al Rufai had fun with these in the 90s and believes that they will definitely have a comeback. “However, you really need some pretty feet to take them off, no doubt they can be your summery summer heel, you could wear them with a pair of crop pants or even a summer dress … Interestingly, they also complement the wear of India” , says Allia, who prefers those who come with straps that go around the ankles and somehow offer more support. However, she warns kindly: “There are times when the foot slides to the left and to the right.”

Casual Slipper Avatar
The designer Pria Kataaria Puri sees it as a hot trend because it is easy and comfortable to wear. “They are a summarized version of the kitten heels.” As many ankle silhouettes are fashionable, such as palazzos, capris and midis, I see that this trend in footwear has been quite popular. In addition, it has a very informal sneaker look that is perfect for summer, “says Pria.