Save children, secure the future


The safety of children is the need of the hour. They face many problems and need protection. These are some of the problems that children face today.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 54% of children in many developing countries suffer from malnutrition and are underweight because they can not feed themselves. UNICEF says that every day 25,000 children die due to lack of food. Many children succumb to diseases that are curable, but their parents lack the financial resources for treatment.


Malnutrition makes them susceptible to diseases later in life, including chronic diseases and structural brain damage. It also causes stunted growth (extremely low height for age). There are great possibilities that even your children suffer the same fate.


The government should take measures to reduce the cost of food supplies and the health treatment of children. You can arrange the free distribution of healthy foods, medical supplies and health checks for families that are not accommodated.


Child abuse is when a person causes injury, death or serious harm to children by mistreating, neglecting and abusing them physically or emotionally. In the USA Each year, more than 3.6 million referrals are sent to child protection agencies that involve more than 6.6 million children, which means that a report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds. It is sad that many adults who witness child abuse simply ignore it and do not take action to oppose it.


Abused children can have various mental disorders and health problems. Many criminals and thieves are victims of child abuse.


Parents should teach children to safeguard when they are alone. They must provide a safe environment, listen to their children and provide support. It is your responsibility to question any person who treats a child wrongly and take the necessary measures against him. There are non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government services that take the necessary measures against complaints of child abuse. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and Child Line India can be contacted. A call to 1098 can protect an Indian child, at any time of the day.


It is the inability to read or write. The main cause of this problem is that parents can not afford to send their children to school and send them to work. This is widespread in many countries, including India, which sadly houses the largest population of illiterate children: 287 million, representing 37% of the total world population.


Illiterate parents can not get a well-paid job and, therefore, can not send their children to school. Illiteracy in children can also lead to child labor, as parents send their children to work for money.


Parents must understand the value of education and educate their children. NGOs can raise awareness about literacy.


Child labor is one of the most unfortunate problems faced by children around the world. This means involving children in an economic, part-time or full-time activity. Poverty is the main reason for child labor. Another problem that affects many children today is slavery. Parents affected by poverty often sell their children to merchants for money and, in turn, sell them to workers who use them as slaves.


This practice deprives children of their childhood and impairs their physical and mental growth. He trains them to obey orders and not to be firm, which affects his ability to think. Many times, children end up in another country and do not know the language or understand what is being said. For this, he / she is beaten and has no one to turn to or a way to return home.


The government should take strict legal action against people who promote child labor. Parents should be aware of the evils of child labor.