New York Gym Chain Hanson Fitness Offers Naked Workout Classes


Many may have “get in shape” as one of the New Year’s resolutions. And many gyms will see a good number of registrations in the month of January. And one more gym in the USA. UU You can see a large increase in memberships, thanks to its exceptional and new offer. One of the gyms in New York City called Hanson Fitness has come up with a unique idea: nude exercise sessions. Hanson Fitness is a very famous gym chain in the USA. UU And celebrities like Rihanna, Sandra Bullock and Tyra Banks, among others, have memberships in the gym. The gym offers three weekly nude training sessions. One for men, one for women and one will be of mixed class. 7 exercises for beginners to start your training trip

These new sessions will take place at your Soho branch. For self-conscious people, the gym will provide “naked underwear” for the sessions. “The class is designed to be a total body exercise that uses body weight as resistance to work the buttocks, buttocks, legs and center, making you look and feel very naked,” according to the publication on the Hanson Facebook page Fitness “Naked exercise provides a number of benefits, including skin breathing, the release of endorphins due to vitamin D from sunlight and full body awareness so you can see if you are cheating on your exercise routines,” he added. 5 foods to reduce muscle pain after intense training

The idea of ​​the nude class came up when one of the gym members asked him to discover new ways to get in shape. Harry Hanson, founder of the gym, said: “As a forward-thinking fitness center, we like to make sure that we offer our members the latest in fitness development, our approach ensures that our members meet and stay at the best. Our new development brings with it a variety of health and fitness benefits, and allows our members to have a little fun in the process. “5 Reasons for that your abdominal training is not giving you results

We can not deny that exercise, whether naked or with clothes, has innumerable health benefits. Regular exercise is essential for people who have a sedentary lifestyle and for those who want to be healthy and stay fit. If you work daily, then you can prevent diseases such as stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer, among others. This is not all, regular training aids to improve our mood, sleep quality and energy levels as well. What are your views on this new fitness fashion? Let us know in the comments below.