E coli found in water, one more hospitalised


BENGALURU: One more worker from the Sobha Dream Acres construction site in Varthur was referred to St John’s Hospital at 1 am on January 1 because it showed symptoms similar to cholera. This happens even when the three water samples were negative for cholera in the laboratory of the Institute of Public Health in a rapid diagnostic test called drop pendant. But the samples tested positive for E. coli, a bacteria, some strains of which can cause diarrhea, while others can cause urinary tract infections, respiratory diseases and pneumonia, as well as other diseases.

The worker is in a private room in St John’s and is stable. On December 31, 36 people were evaluated and seven showed clinical symptoms of cholera. On December 30, 189 people were evaluated and 48 showed clinical symptoms and two were referred to the hospital. At St John’s Hospital, seven samples analyzed by the hanging drop method on Saturday were positive for cholera. Three of these samples have grown vibrio cholera, which is a gold standard for cholera.

The autopsy reports of the two deceased are still awaited and the water samples have now been sent for a culture test for cholera, which will take 72 hours for the tests. Three other jaundice, typhoid and E.coli tests are being performed, and the results will take eight days. Meanwhile, disinfection of the work fields, detection and treatment are on the Varthur site.

Krishnappa BK, medical officer of Varthur PHC, told Express: “To test the culture of water samples according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), it will take 72 hours. urinary tract There is no doubt that the water was not suitable for drinking We are doing three other tests for E. coli, jaundice and typhoid It will take time to grow the bacteria Patients showed gastroenteritis and this may be caused by viral or bacterial infections “