Doctors stress need for psychological first aid


CHENNAI: Psychological first aid (PFA) is the main need for women who suffer traumas due to domestic violence or sexual assault, but they still lack the established medical assistance for these women. The forensic evaluation acts as an important factor in providing PFA as forensic experts who have the right to examine survivors who need to consider the risk factors to avoid worsening the mental state of the victim.

“The forensic evaluation is a very important factor for these victims and every effort should be made for the doctor to examine the victim, who should help the patient with the PFA,” said Dr. Jagadeesh Reddy, professor of forensic medicine. . Forensic experts claim that medical evaluation and other forensic procedures must be done respecting the dignity, culture and abilities of a victim who has suffered violence and aggression.

PFA should comfort affected people by speaking with them, without pressing them to speak. An assault survivor can suffer depression, fear, shock, anxiety, suicidality and post-traumatic stress disorder, it is for these women that PFA can be helpful in overcoming mental trauma, psychologists say. “The mental health of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault affects mental health, as they are exposed to an unbearable situation all of a sudden.The treatment and physical health assistance provided can heal wounds.The survivor’s brain is affected in such a way that they get into deep anguish when an unforeseen situation arises and the mind does not have enough time to adapt to the trauma and can be a victim of serious mental disorders, “says Dr. Vivian Kapil. psychiatrist, hospital SIMS.