Why did this Modi Sarkar order the NIA to investigate the Kashmir separatists?


There have been many probes ordered by several governments against Kashmir separatists in the past. All of them have become squibs moist and more often than not did to the stock pile of outstanding cases.

Even a probe ordered in 2016 had to be abandoned due to lack of evidence. However, the new probe ordered by the Modi government in 2017 is probably one of the better and more impermeable cases against the Kashmir seperatists. The fact that there has been a drop in violence is an indicator that funds have been drowned and dried up. The separatists have run out of money are too scared to get out and finance the violence. There have been probes in the past as well, but these leaders have never taken it seriously. This time around the documents seized and the large number of arrests carried out suggests that the NIA goes for the next large shots. The sources of the NIA suggest that the next on the line could be Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Mirwaiz Umer Farooq. The details against the two Hurriyat hawks is very strong in nature. In addition, these two separatists have been desperately looking for a good lawyer to defend them in court. The NIA says it is confident that this case will be taken to the logical extreme. Cases of the past have not been so strong. In fact, the NIA had to drop a 2016 case on the same issue.