VK Sasikala Video presented as proof that he was allowed out of jail


Using a dark kurta, VK Sasikala’s policy enters the Bengaluru jail where he meets four years of corruption by order of the Supreme Court. The video has been offered as proof that Sasikala receives special treatment as a prisoner according to a police officer who has alleged that almost 2 crores of bribes paid by the politician allow his illegitimate privileges including special meals, the ability to leave the Jail cell and a cell equipped with a flat screen TV.

D Roopa was transferred after she made those accusations in July of a position that saw her supervise prisons to handle road traffic in the capital of Karnataka.

She has presented the footage of the security camera as part of an anti-corruption investigation commissioned by the state based on her complaints.

The scene shows Ms. Sasikala carrying a bag and reentering the front door of the Bengaluru jail accompanied by male guards, prompting speculation as to whether she had been allowed to leave the prison facility completely .

Ms. Sasikala is likely to be expelled today from the Tamil Nadu ruling party, AIADMK, which she took possession of after her death in December of J Jayalalithaa, with whom she lived for decades in Chennai. Ms. Jayalalithaa was Chief Minister when she died after an extended stay in the hospital; After his death, the AIADMK, which blindly followed its behavior for almost 20 years, broke into two camps that are attempting a merger today.

The factions were forged over who would be the Chief Minister after the death of Mrs. Jayalalithaa. O Panneerselvam, who regularly subbed for her when she was alive, was first named her replacement, but Sasikala soon moved to take over the state herself. However, the Supreme Court then found Ms. Jayalalithaa and her guilty party in a decades-long corruption case, and ordered her incarceration. Before his imprisonment in neighboring Karnataka, he chose the loyalist E Palaniswami to assume the position of prime minister.

Since then, a third field has been created in the party – one headed by Mrs. Sasikala’s nephew, TTV Dhinakaran, who is named in a confusion of corruption cases.

The Panneerselvam faction of about 10 lawmakers is enough to make a difference in a vote of confidence, and Ms. Sasikala and Mr. Dhinakaran were expelled from the party before joining the larger group of Mr. Palaniswami .