Women empowerment: Sidda asks Modi to cut down on rhetoric


BENGALURU: Doubling the talk of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the empowerment of women as “Tokenism”, the Prime Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, who will ask to reduce rhetoric and focus on action.

In a series of tweets, the prime minister listed his government’s initiatives for women’s welfare.

“Tokenism Modi ji, real empowerment comes from real policies, yesterday you ridiculed a candlelight march to protest against child rapist defenders in Kathua and today you intend to take care of Mahila Shakti,” he said in a tweet.

Siddaramaiah was responding to Modification’s comments on the empowerment of women and the main portfolios of external affairs and defense that were handled by women members of his cabinet.

As she approached women before the Karnataka Assembly elections on May 12, she changed the name earlier on the day women have access to her government.

Modi, while interacting with the Karnataka BJP Mahila Morcha workers through the ‘Narendra Modi Application’, with photos of the SCO of the SCO in China, where the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sushma Swaraj and the Minister of Defense Nirmala Sitharaman were the only women.

Siddaramaiah, at the beginning of Karnataka’s book on how to empower women, said that her government had made free education for girls in class 1 so that they would graduate.

“Bengaluru, the city that he ridiculed yesterday, led the nation with 25 percent of female participation in the work force, in Delhi, the city where he lives, the rate of 10 percent.” in another Pío.

Modi, in a searing attack against the Siddaramaiah government, had said yesterday at an election rally that within five years he had turned Bengaluru, which was known as the “Silicon Valley” of the country, into “a valley of sin”, and the “garden city” “in” garbage city “.

Siddaramaiah said that under the ‘Matrupoorna’ program, his government was providing half-day meals to 10 pregnant women and lakh nursing mothers so that “motherhood is safe and the child is healthy.”

He also wrote that his government amended the law to annul child marriage and granted bus passes to all students, half of whom were girls.

The government, he said, was giving loans to women entrepreneurs at four percent interest, who had set plans for them and their children to get an international award for the best status for women entrepreneurs.

“We give a revolving fund of Rs 25,000 per group to women SHG (self-help group),” he said.

She also referred to economic empowerment plans for sex workers, HIV positive women, transsexuals and the introduction of Pink Hoysala vehicles for women in danger.

Last year, the Siddaramaiah government says that Rosa Hoysala who patrol the streets of the state capital to ensure the safety of women and children.

“There are many more … Dear @ narendramodi ji, let’s cut Bhashan and promote the action,” he tweeted.