With 6,000 cases of Swine flu across India, 100 deaths in Rajasthan in 2019, govt sounds alarm


Jaipur, Rajasthan: Up to 100 people were diagnosed with swine flu in a single day in Rajasthan, a state where 100 people succumbed to the disease since the beginning of 2019. On Thursday, 100 cases were detected on Thursday, according to official figures. and nine people died alone in the last two days. Due to the alarmingly high number of cases, the state government has initiated a detection campaign in all states.

Up to 70 percent of the total cases of H1NI1 virus in the country were detected only in Rajasthan. A total of 6,000 cases were reported throughout India, while 2,706 cases were detected in the state of Rajasthan. The disease has claimed 225 lives throughout India, of which 96 people died in Rajasthan, according to the PTI news agency. After Rajasthan, Gujarat is more affected with 54 registered deaths and 1,187 cases, according to the data of the Ministry of Health of the Union. Punjab reported 30 deaths and 301 cases, while Madhya Pradesh recorded 16 deaths and 81 cases. In Maharashtra, 13 people died due to viral infection and 197 cases. Delhi recorded six deaths and 1409 cases of swine flu.

Haryana and Telangana saw 589 and 390 cases respectively and two deaths. Due to the increasing number of cases, the Ministry of Health has asked the state government to increase early detection capabilities and increase the number of hospital beds for acute cases requiring ventilators.

Among other measures, such as the exchange of guidelines for influenza vaccines and the details of vaccine manufacturers by the Comptroller General of Medicines of India with the states, the Ministry of Health also recommended vaccination for workers of the health and other workers.