West Bengal: Denied permission to land helicopter, Yogi Adityanath opts road route for Purulia rally; Mamata says manage UP first


Days after the government of West Bengal allegedly denied his helicopter permission to land, the cheif Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, will fly to Bokaro of Jharkhand on Tuesday before traveling to Purulia in West Bengal by road to head to a meeting of the BJP.

Adityanath alleged that Bengal was suffering under the government of Mamta Banerjee.

“It saddens me that the Karmabhoomi of Gurudev Tagore, our Bengal today, is suffering from the anarchy and mismanagement of the Mamta Banerjee government, now is the time when West Bengal should be liberated from this government to protect the Constitution through a strong democratic movement, “he wrote.

Calling the Opposition a corrupt alliance, Adityanath said: “And for that reason today I will be in Purulia holding the banner of this movement challenging the corrupt alliance.”

Speaking in the same lines, the cheif Minister of Jharkhand, Raghubar Das, said that this is an attack on democracy that Adityanath can not land in a state. “You can see that democracy is being killed. Anyone from any political party can go anywhere in the country. The CM of an elected government of the larger state is not allowed to land there and go to the rally, but he will go through Jharkhand. The people of Purulia are waiting for you.

On Sunday, the UP chief minister went to a public meeting in Balurghat by telephone after his helicopter was denied permission to land. Previously, the state government had not allowed the helicopter of BJP president Amit Shah to land in Malda at a local airport. Shah had later used a heliport
Mamata maintains Dharna, accuses the Center of misuse of CBI for political vendetta

Responding to the question that his government was denying permission to the BJP leaders to land, Mamata Banerjee told reporters on his Dharna site that “it is not right, he is absolutely wrong”. Bengal’s head of government has been in a Dharna for the past two days against the IWC’s attempt to question Kolkata police commissioner Rajeev Kumar about the chip fund scandal.

Mamata also asked Adityanath to take care of matters related to his state first. “Ask Yogi to take care of Uttar Pradesh first. Many people have been killed, even the police were killed, so many people were lynched, he himself will lose if he competes in the elections. “He does not have a place to be in UP, that’s why he’s wandering around Bengal,” he said.