Watch | 2 accident victims die as UP cops standby, refuse help to avoid blood stains in car


In a gruesome incident in the Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, police officers patrolling the night were surprised by the camera refusing to help two accident victims lying in a pool of blood to ‘avoid bloodstains in the car’.

You can listen to police officers asking people to ‘hold on’ when trying to get children off the road.

The two young men reportedly traveled on a motorcycle when they encountered an accident.

The video shows a man crying and asking for help, but the cops refuse to carry the bloody bodies in his car.

One of the bystanders is heard helping the victims of the accident, saying: “Sir, your car is going to be washed but, please, open the door”.

To this, according to reports, a policeman said: “Where are we going to sit, if the car is going to wash?”

Then, the spectators shout a car to take the children to the hospital, where the two were declared dead.