Video of man in army uniform boasting of bloodshed goes viral, slammed as ‘drunken banter’


A video showing a man in military uniform boasting bloodshed and weapons worship was widely broadcast on social networks in the Kashmir valley on Sunday when tension was already high for the killing of two men by the forces of security.

The authenticity of the cut could not be verified independently and the official was not identified, but it seems that it was filmed in a mountainous area, very similar to Kashmir in winter.

“We were falling in love with things like peace.” It has been my record wherever I went, there has been bloodshed. So I’m not satisfied until there’s bloodshed, “the man with a drink in his hand says in the video, a brown beret – standard with military paratroopers – sits on a table in front of the man.

Army spokesman Rajesh Kalia said he had not seen the video and could comment after reviewing it.

The video also shows the man, who appears to be an officer in the senior rank, talking about a poem by his “favorite poet Yogendra Sharma” and apparently entitled “Shanti vanti chodo (Forget Peace)”.

“There is talk of peace today, wait a second,” he swallows the drink, throws the glass and recites the poem.

He stops after one of the couplets and explains how to worship weapons, not the gods. “We are the ones who kill,” he says.

The man recites the whole poem, which is full of religious and narrative symbolisms about the defense of the fatherland. In the end, he talks about how “we are all Arjun”. The last line of the poem says: “Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi tak Bharat hi Bharat ho”.

Users of Kashmir’s social networks reacted sharply to the video; some called it drunken jokes, others criticized it and wanted the army to act against it.

Retired lieutenant HS Panag said: “Impossible bravado! Justified disciplinary action.”

Another user tweeted: “We are not fighting a war and it is not mahabharat.” Veer Ras ki kavita ….. som ras peene ke baad achi jarur lagti hai … par sachai se bahut dur hai.We would love to have peace in and around of the Indian subcontinent. ”

The video came to light one day when Kashmir observed a closure after soldiers killed two men when a military convoy was allegedly attacked with stones in the Shopian district of southern Kashmir on Saturday night.

A spokesman for the army based in Srinagar said security personnel fired on protesters after taking into account “the extreme gravity of the situation.” Residents quoted by local newspapers said the army fired on people arriving in the village of Gawanpora for condolences over the death of militant Hizbul Mujahideen.

cheif Minister Mehbooba Mufti spoke with Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Saturday and said that every killing of civilians, despite the wrongdoing, affects the political process in the state.