Uttar Pradesh: Four men allegedly raping a woman in front of her husband in Muzaffarnagar


Four men allegedly raped a woman in front of her husband and her two-year-old son in the Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh on Friday, the Hindustan Times reported. The men held a knife in the boy’s throat to threaten the couple before raping the woman, according to the report.

The woman, her husband and her son were returning from a trip to the Basera village in their two-wheeled vehicle on Friday morning when they were intercepted by the defendant in a car, police said. The defendant told the family to take a road back, claiming that the Ganga Canal bridge on the main route was damaged.

But when the family took the detour, the men forced the motorcycle to stop and dragged the three to a field of sugar cane. “After this, one of the men placed a sharp knife on the neck of the woman’s son while they took turns to rape her,” said an unidentified policeman at the nearby Bhopal police station.

After the incident, the woman asked for help from a farmer who was passing by. The farmer called the police, who took the family to the hospital for medical treatment.

“We are waiting for her medical report,” Muzaffarnagar (Rural) Police Superintendent Ajay Sahdev told NDTV. “A case has been filed against all four, and an investigation is under way.”

The defendants have not yet been tracked.