Trump to declare national emergency to build border wall


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, will sign an executive order declaring a national emergency, which will allow him to finance the construction of a massive wall along the border between Mexico and the United States to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country. and stop drug smuggling.

The measure would help Mr. Trump obtain $ 5.6 billion for the construction of the wall, which he said is essential for national security.

President Trump will sign the government’s financing bill and, as he has said previously, will also take other executive measures, including a national emergency, to ensure that we stop national security and the humanitarian crisis at the border, said the secretary of White House press, Sarah Sanders. in a sentence.

Say ‘No’ to the wall: anti-Trump protesters participating in a march in El Paso, Texas, earlier this week, almost at the same time that the president was speaking at a rally.

Trump signals support for border treatment

The President is once again fulfilling her promise to build the wall, protect the border and secure our great country, he said.

The White House statement came shortly after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the measure public.

“I had the opportunity to speak with President Trump and he, he would tell all my colleagues, he has indicated that he is ready to sign the bill, he will also issue a national emergency declaration at the same time. declaration of national emergency, “said McConnell.
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As for the Democrats who say they will challenge the Supreme Court movement, Sanders said: “We are very prepared, but there should not be [legal challenges] The president is doing his job.” Congress should do its thing.

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that declaring a national emergency would be an illegal act, a serious abuse of the power of the presidency and a desperate attempt to distract from the fact that Trump broke his fundamental promise to make Mexico pay for its wall. “