This woman airline staffer forces duo who misbehaved with her touch her feet; watch video


A video has gone viral and shows how a member of the female airline gave it back to a drunken duo who behaved badly to her, to the point of forcing them to even fold their hands in front of her. This incident occurred at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad on Saturday at midnight when a drunken duo began to misbehave with the employee of a private airline. Both men were later hired for creating a nuisance.

The video shows two drunken men supposedly misbehaving with a crew member of an airline, after which they are confronted. The duo was caught arguing with the woman’s employee and making objectionable comments against her. After the fight, the woman complained to the traffic police who were on duty at the scene. Drunk men were taken to the police outpost at the airport with the woman. What was surprising was that the woman showed her intrepid elf and not only made the drunks apologise with their hands together, but also touched her feet.

In the video that is going viral on social media, men were seen touching the woman’s feet under her instruction. “Fully fold and touch my feet, then I’ll just let you go,” the woman is heard telling one of the men.

The sub-inspector of the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Police Station (RGIA), Ramesh Naik, said the woman did not file any complaints against the duo, who then told the police they were students, PTI reported. He said it was discovered that the two were in a drunken condition and that they were reserved for creating the nuisance.

Incidents at airports where women have behaved badly or have suffered harassment have been increasing. In March of this year, a drunk man who was flying from Dubai was arrested after he allegedly misbehaved with a female passenger on board and later harassed an immigration agent after arriving at the Mumbai airport. Later, in May of this year, a corporate TDP of the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) for allegedly misbehaving with a traveling companion while traveling from Delhi to Hyderabad on an Air India flight. Not only passengers but even airlines have been under question in such matters. Recently, the staff of three men, including an administrator of AirAsia, was accused of misbehaving with a passenger at Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore on November 3.