The visit of Bihar from Narendra Modi today to the survey of regions affected by floods is likely to eliminate the ‘BJP Bhagao’ rally of Lalu


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bihar on Saturday to monitor districts affected by the floods is likely to discourage the war cry from Lalu Prasad Yadav’s anti-Bharatiya Janata party. It also marks the beginning of new political equations in the state, with Prime Minister Nitish Kumar and Prime Minister, enemies-turned-friends on the one hand and all parties opposing them on the other.

While in the face of this it would be about flooding in the state, the political implication of Modi’s visit is likely to be much deeper. The visit comes a day before Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) supreme Lalu Prasad ‘very widespread’ anti-BJP rally ‘on Sunday. He is expected to flaunt his political strength at the rally, as well as bid for unity among all non-BJP parties.

He has already shown signs of being a flop show with the head of Congress and vice president giving him a foul. The party boss of Bahujan Samaj (BSP) Mayawati is not participating in it either.

What causes non-BJP party leaders to skip Lalu’s show?

According to party sources, Sonia Gandhi will not be able to attend the rally due to health reasons, and has asked senior congressional leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad and CP Joshi to attend the meeting.
Nitish Kumar will be hosting Narendra Modi on Saturday and will take a survey of the flood-hit districts in Bihar. PTI

Nitish Kumar will be hosting Narendra Modi on Saturday and will take a survey of the flood-hit districts in Bihar. PTI

Congressional Vice President Rahul Gandhi traveled to Norway at an invitation from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry to meet with political and business leaders in Oslo.

On the other hand, the absence of Mayawati would be a great disappointment for Lalu.

“BSP has clearly told the RJD that it will share the stand with any regional or national party only when it is decided in advance how many seats will go to which party in the secular alliance … Before finalizing any secular program, the Politics and Principle of Sharing Of the seat should be decided first as the life of an alliance is dependent on him and everyone should get the respectable number of seats, “Mayawati had reasoned, while clarifying his position on not participating in the Sunday rally.

A CPM source said it would be inappropriate for the party not to participate because it does not want to play politics when Bihar is submerged underwater due to heavy flooding.

It seems that the BJP Bhagao rally would become a damp squib, as the leaders of many of the non-BJP parties would not want to be seen with Lalu due to corruption charges against him and his family. With some pretext or the other, they have distanced themselves.

Long before Nitish Kumar broke his ties with RJD and Congress, Modi and Nitish were seen wearing saffron turbans and talking to each other during the 350th Prakash Parv in January.

Even when Prime Minister Nitish Kumar was part of the grand alliance, he supported Modi’s surgical strike and the demonetization movement.

The chief minister of Bihar almost made it clear that the 2019 General Election for Lok Sabha would be a repeated spectacle as Modi had already emerged as an ‘undisputed leader’. -Modiji se muqabla karne ki kshamta kisi mein nahi hai (No one has the ability to challenge Modi), “Nitish had noticed.

The Prime Minister after arriving in Purnea on Saturday, will join Nitish. Both will visit several regions affected by floods submerged underwater.

With Modi and Nitish sharing the stage for the first time since the new friendship between the two, it would be interesting to see how the audience receives them. This will be Modi’s first visit to Bihar, after Nitish joined the fold of the National Democratic Alliance.

Another aspect that can not be ignored in terms of relations between the Center and the State – as the BJP is both in the Center and in Bihar as an ally – is that the Nitish government receives financial aid from the center to combat the post-flood crisis.

“There has been a paradigm shift in Bihar politics since the days of Lalu Prasad Yadav. People have seen development under Nitish Kumar and would now reject Lalu’s anti-Modali speech, especially when the state is facing severe floods “The people of Bihar would appreciate a helping hand from the prime minister instead of attending Lalu’s demonstration to hear him abuse Modi and Nitish Kumar.We have witnessed the corruption regime of Lalu and his wife Rabri Devi,” said Mrityunjay Kumar Singh , An entrepreneur based in Patna.

Now, as both leaders enjoy mass support and support, their combined scope will likely affect the BJP Bhagao rally, Desh Bachao (Banish BJP, save country) in