The Diwali cleanest in Delhi in 3 years after the SC ban on the sale of crackers, but the pollution is still high


It was Delhi’s cleanest Diwali in three years following the Supreme Court’s ban on crackers  selling in the NCR region, but pollution continued to skyrocket when many residents continued their fireworks.

According to data and monitoring of the Air Quality System and Climate Forecasting and Forecasting (SAFAR) and the Central Pollution Control Board, Delhi had an air quality index (AQI) of 319, which falls into the category very poor on Thursday. During this level of air quality, people are asked to avoid all physical activities outdoors and stay indoors as much as possible.

However, this was much better than 2016 when AQI in Diwali was 431 and 343 in 2015. In the early hours of Friday, the day after Diwali, the AQI of Delhi was 340. In 2016, the AQI the next day was 445 while in 2015 it was 360.