Street lights make way for LED bulbs in Odisha’s Berhampur


BERHAMPUR: More than 5,200 low energy LED bulbs have been installed in Berhampur as part of a modernization plan aimed at improving security measures and energy conservation. The LED project was launched last year to replace around 10,000 lampposts in the city of silk. From now on, the focus has been on the main roads. The installation of lights along the rails and tracks will be resumed later. LED bulbs will replace outdated sodium vapor lights along the streets.

The project will cover the 40 rooms at a cost of around Rs 6 crore. Officials from the electricity division of the Berhampur Municipal Corporation said that LED bulbs have been installed in Aska Road, Badabazar and other areas. Previously, the BeMC had installed 4,595 sodium vapor lamps. These would be replaced, said one official. The BeMC was paying more than 50,000 rupees to Southco as energy charges per month. They were also spending more than Rs 1 crore for their annual maintenance. The installation of the new lights will reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption by around 60 percent.

A company called NEEVE has been entrusted with the task of replacement. Although the State Government accounts for 80% of the cost of the project, BeMC will pay the remaining 20%. BeMC proposed the installation of 12,000 LED lights in the city and agreed to pay the company accordingly. Meanwhile, the locals are upset by the fact that some parts of the city will remain in the dark. BeMC sources said the company is supposed to install high-voltage light bulbs at junctions.