State Cabinet okays 5% quota for Kapus


The Cabinet of Andhra Pradesh has decided to extend a 5% reserve to Kapus in the State without affecting the existing quota of Back Classes (BC).

With this, four communities: Kapu, Ontari, Telaga and Balija will receive a reservation in education, government employment and also economic benefits that will be extended to the BC.

Another category

The government will create another category F in the BC list to extend the reserve to Kapus.

The reserve of BC will touch 34%, including 5% of Kapus.

The cabinet discussed Friday the recommendations of the three-member BC Commission headed by Justice K.L. Manjunath The members of the Commission suggested a reserve of 4% to 5% for Kapus based on their “qualitative and quantitative data”.

The socio-economic conditions, the representation of Kapu in educational and public employment were taken into account when recommending the quota for them.

A special meeting of the Cabinet is scheduled on Saturday to discuss the bill on the Kapu reserve. The bill will be presented at the Assembly for discussion.

Then it will be sent to the Legislative Council for approval. The government will send the bill approved in the Assembly and the Council to the Ministry of the Interior of the Union urging it to enact legislation in Parliament and include it in Annex IX of the Constitution, since the total reservation exceeds the 50% limit and touches 55%

Cue from Tamil Nadu

The state government is following the example of Tamil Nadu, where total reserves are 69%, according to sources.

The government is hopeful that there would be no legal complications in the Kapu quota as it followed due procedures.

The quota is being expanded according to the recommendations of a Commission.

In the past, the Muslim reservation was implemented by the government (in a combined state) by itself without any recommendation from the Commission. Therefore, the court revoked the Muslim reservation.

According to the Pulse poll conducted by the state government, there are 50 Kapus lakh, including all sub-sects.

Kapus constitutes 10% of the total population in the state. The Commission, however, recommended reserves of 4% to 5%.

The other sects such as Chetti Balija, which is also a Kapu community, in Rayalaseema will not be able to enjoy the reserve since the government has referred only to the castes Kapu, Balija, Ontari and Telaga to the British Columbia Commission, according to the sources.