Shutdown in Valley after Kashmiris harassed over Pulwama attack


A closure was observed in Srinagar and adjacent areas as a sign of protest against attacks or attacks on Kashmiris in the state, days after a suicide attack in a CRPF convoy killed at least 40 soldiers.

The bodies of the merchants called for a full band across the valley on Sunday against mob attacks on Kashmiri in Jammu and other states. Carriers have supported the so-called bandh. Authorities have imposed restrictions on parts of the old city and have reduced high-speed mobile Internet services.

A curfew in Jammu continued for the third day in a row on Sunday and authorities said it will remain in force until the situation of law and order in the city improves. The authorities will receive a call later if the curfew can be relaxed or not.

A suicide bomber of terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) crashed a vehicle loaded with explosives into a CRPF bus in the Pulwama district on Thursday, killing 40 people and leaving many seriously injured. It was reported that Kashmiris in various parts of the country were harassed or intimidated in retaliation against the terrorist attack, which led the Ministry of the Interior of the Union to issue a notice to all states to ensure the safety of students and the people of Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir who live in their areas

The CRPF, which suffered its worst loss in a single day in the Valley, and has vowed to avenge the death of its soldiers, remained true to its professionalism when it was launched on Twitter to announce the launch of a 24-hour helpline for students of Kashmir. and the general public that are outside the valley.