Shocking! Pregnant woman’s body chopped in pieces, stuffed in bags in Telangana’s Gachibowli


Hyderabad: in a shocking incident, the body of an 8-month-old pregnant woman was cut into pieces, put in two jute bags and thrown on the roadside in Gachibowli, a major IT suburb of Hyderabad in Telangana. The identity of the woman has not been determined yet.

A horrified passer-by noticed the bloody bags and notified the police, who began the investigations.

When police opened the bags, they found decomposed parts of a woman between 25 and 30 years old, an official said. While one bag contained the head and hands cut off, another was full of torso, said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Division of Madhapur) N Shyam Prasad Rao to PTI.

“It seems that they killed her two or three days ago,” said the official, adding that, according to the woman’s attire, she appears to be from UP, Bihar or Odisha.

A medical examination found that the woman was eight months pregnant and could have been killed elsewhere, an investigating official said.

The CCTV recording of the nearby areas is being examined to probe when the bag was thrown there and by whom. The police urged gynecologists in the city to remember if any pregnant women that coincided with the previous description had visited them and had shared the information with them.

This incident occurs one day after the severed head of a man was found in the city of Nalgonda, in the state. The shocked residents of the Bottuguda area saw their heads cut into a wall of a religious structure and informed the police.

The man has been identified as P Ramesh, 25, and now the police are searching for the rest of his body. Sniffer dogs have also been pressured to identify the killers.