Shiroor Mutt seer Lakshmivara Theertha Swami dies, suspicions of poisoning emerge


Lakshmivara Theertha Swami, the head of Shiroor Mutt in Udupi, died Thursday morning. He was 55 years old.

According to mutt sources, he complained of a severe stomach pain after attending a Vanamahotsava program in the village of Shiroor on Monday.

He was admitted to the Kasturba Hospital in Manipal on Wednesday. An official press release from the Kasturba Hospital revealed that the psychic was admitted to the hospital at 1:05 am on Wednesday and that he was found to be “seriously ill with dyspnea, severe hypertension and massive gastrointestinal hemorrhage.”

The hospital’s press release also raised suspicions about the poisoning. “There is suspicion of poisoning and toxicological samples have been sent in. However, his condition continued to deteriorate rapidly despite the best efforts of the medical team,” he said. However, some reports say that the psychic could have food poisoning, hospital doctors told TNM that nothing could be concluded until the toxicology reports have been published.

He was pronounced dead at 8:30 a.m. from Thursday. An autopsy is underway.

Dr. Avinash Shetty, medical superintendent of Kasturba Hospital in Manipal confirmed to TNM that the psychic was brought with “heavy internal bleeding”. “We were focused on stopping internal bleeding and the suspicion of intoxication came up much later, as soon as we got to know it, we informed the police,” said Dr. Avinash, speaking with TNM.

Dr. Shivashankar Bhat, who treated the psychic, told the Times of India: “His blood test revealed that he may have been poisoned, therefore, according to the norm, we have informed the police and according to his address, we have sent the body for autopsy. ”

Laxman Nimbargi, the Police Superintendent (SP) in Udupi refused to comment on the issue until it was fully investigated.

The suspicion of poisoning by doctors has led to theories that there could be foul play. Lakshmivara Theertha’s lawyer confirmed to TNM that Lakshmivara Theertha Swami was preparing to file a criminal complaint against Vidyadheesha Theertha Swami, the head of Palimar Mutt who currently holds power in the Krishna Temple in Udupi.

“I spoke with Lakshmivara Theertha Swamiji and he told me to file a criminal case against the head of Palimar Mutt for the issue of returning an idol that he had delivered to the Krishna Temple during the elections, and we were going to present a warning against six other swamijis in the temple of Krishna, “says Ravikiran, a Kundapura lawyer representing Lakshmivara Theertha. A warning is a warning that certain actions can not be taken without informing the person who gave the notice.

The Shiroor Mutt is one of the eight stray dogs in the historic temple of Udupi Shri Krishna. Lakshmivara Theertha had created a flyer at the beginning of the year when he announced that he would compete in the state elections of the Assembly if the BJP gave him a ticket.

After BJP opted to give a ticket to Raghupathi Bhat, the visionary decided to participate as an independent candidate. He later withdrew his candidacy just weeks before the polls.