SC/ ST Act: BJP’s Dalit MPs want Government to file review petition against Supreme Court order


AFRAID BY the decision of the Supreme Court to dilute the strict provisions of the Specified Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, the Dalit deputies of the ruling BJP party are known to have met on Wednesday with the Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment Thaawar Chand Gehlot and asked him to address the matter with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

According to the sources, parliamentarians, including a minister, asked the government to present an appeal for review before the court.

Alleging an increase in atrocities against the Dalits under the BJP-led government, Congress also demanded an appeal for review or an amendment to the Act. “There is great concern over yesterday’s decision by the Supreme Court … There is a sense of insecurity between SC, ST and other oppressed classes, we believe there should be a review of this decision, in the national interest, “said Congress leader Anand Sharma.

“People are falsely implicated in cases of murder or dacoity too, why is the demand to save people falsely implicated always only in cases of the Atrocity Law? Why is there an attempt to silence even more those who Are they already oppressed? “said PL Deputy MP Punia, former president of the National Commission of Scheduled Castes.

Meanwhile, the government said it would study the order. “I will have to examine the order and the problems and concerns about it,” said union law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Noting that the law was being abused, the Supreme Court on Tuesday established severe safeguards, including provisions for early bail, “preliminary investigation” before filing a case and a prior sanction before arrest.

“The Supreme Court order is a major setback for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, it violates the fundamental protection provided by the Constitution for the weakest sections, and the government should act and take the necessary measures to protect the communities.” said to The Indian Express Vinod Kumar Sonkar, MP and head of the SC cell of the BJP. “Virtually he is giving the harassers or robbers impunity,” he said.

A leader of the BJP said that Dalit parliamentarians of the party were very upset. “Now all that’s left is to eliminate the reserve of SC and ST, I’m afraid things are moving in that direction,” said a party deputy. Noting recent developments, including the UGC’s notification of a new formula that would reduce the faculty’s quota, he said the community was watching the events “with fear.”

“Indeed, if a Dalit girl is raped, she will have to wait a week to register the case.” And in a week, things would move so quickly that the case would disappear, “he said.

“What (the founder of BSP) Kanshiramji said decades ago has come true, he had warned that the manuvadis would use nyaypalikas (judicial power) to attack us, that is happening now,” said the parliamentarian, adding that “no one in the Government seemed to be seriously concerned about that. ”

“There may be exceptions and some may have abused the law, but there are too many incidents of attacks and atrocities against communities.” Dalit community is too weak to misuse laws in many parts of the country. laws, most of the cases are not even registered due to pressure from different sources, “said Etawah deputy party, Ashok Kumar Dohrey.

“Now, with the new order, nobody will listen to them, many will not even complain, they will be too scared to complain, you have no idea what is happening in those rural areas of India,” he added.

Dinesh Kashyap, deputy Lok Sabha of Bastar, reserved for the tribal community, said the order would affect the daily lives of the weaker sections. “The government should take measures to protect them.” We will approach our leadership and hope that they will appeal against him, “he said.

The Banka RJD parliamentarian, Jay Prakash Narayan, said the law should be strongly in favor of the SC and ST, and that their rights should be protected. By declaring that this was the BJP’s responsibility, he added: “But the BJP government will not do that, because it has a manuvadi mentality and is anti-Dalit.”