Robert Vadra To Join Politics? His Facebook Post Gives A Hint


New Delhi:

Robert Vadra said he is open to a “greater role in the service to the people”
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra entered active politics last month
Robert Vadra is being investigated in a money laundering case.

The businessman Robert Vadra, husband of the general secretary of the Congress, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, indicated today that he was open to a “greater role in the service to the people”. Its publication on Facebook comes days after his wife, who is also the daughter of UPA president Sonia Gandhi and sister of the head of Congress Rahul Gandhi, joined the active policy as head of eastern Uttar Pradesh. The announcement was received with boos by the BJP, which has attacked without truce at 49 years of age, since its name was linked to several cases of corruption. Mr. Vadra is being questioned in a money laundering case. His name has appeared in other cases related to land businesses.

Mr. Vadra, who claims that the cases against him are cases of “political witch hunts,” indicated that he also has political ambitions before. Congress had never commented on the matter and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had minimized it, saying that the media had incorrectly quoted it.

Today, Mr. Vadra posted on Facebook: “The years and months I spent doing campaigns in different parts of the country, but mainly in UP, gave me the feeling of doing more for people and making smaller changes possible for me, in their areas n when they met me, the genuine love, affection and respect that I earned were humble … All these years of experience n learning can not be wasted and should be used better … once all these accusations n The accusations are over, I think I should dedicate a more important role in the service to the people … ”

Later, he told NDTV: “I do not have to be in politics to help the people of the country, but if I can make a bigger difference, why not? But people will decide.”

Immediately after Mr. Vadra’s announcement, the BJP tweeted from his official name, saying: