Retired Senior Kolkata Cop Blames Mamata Banerjee In ‘Suicide Note’


The alleged suicide of a senior police officer, Gaurav Dutt, in Calcutta has become the forage for the political attack of the BJP leader, Mukul Roy, against the Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee. Mr. Roy demanded the arrest of the Chief Minister for his attempted suicide and also said that there should be a CBI investigation into the case.

“For the first time in the history of West Bengal, a high-ranking IPS official committed suicide and blamed the government or the leader of a party,” Roy said.

In the alleged ‘suicide note’ that went viral on social media, the officer accused Ms. Banerjee of inciting her suicide by keeping him on “mandatory waiting”, a punitive step when an officer does not receive a publication, and retains Quotas after his retirement on December 31, 2018.

How the ‘suicide note’ went viral is unclear. Mr. Dutt, was a batch IPS officer from 1986.

On Tuesday, his wife returned home and found him in a pool of blood in his home in Salt Lake. His wrists were cracked. He was taken immediately to the hospital but he did not survive.

The state government is silent about the incident. The sources state that none of the quotas mentioned in the alleged “suicide note” were pending and that Mr. Dutt was on mandatory waiting due to disciplinary proceedings that initiated him.

Mr. Dutt was suspended for nine months starting in February 2010 for “improper conduct by an officer”. He was reportedly suspended after the wife of a police officer complained that Mr. Dutt had tortured her husband because he had rejected the officer’s sexual advances.

In 2012, he again faced disciplinary measures for alleged financial irregularities.

Mukul Roy has urged the IPS association to take up the cause of Mr. Dutt.