Replaced past attitude of kuchh badlega nahi: PM Modi at PIO meet


A day after the president of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, counts the failures of the government in a meeting of Indians not resident in Bahrain, the prime minister Narendra Modi highlighted the achievements of his government in a similar audience: the first people of Indian origin (PIO) parliamentary conference.

In the event in which up to 124 deputies and 17 mayors from 24 countries participated, Modi said that India has changed in the last three or four years because it has been transformed not only economically and socially but also to “vaicharik” (level conceptual), replacing the past attitude of “kuchh badlega nahi (nothing will change)”.

Reusing figures to support his claims, Modi estimated that $ 60 billion worth of FDI came to India during 2016-17. In addition, in the global business chart to the east, India jumped by 42 positions. Similarly, in the Global Competitiveness Index and Global Innovation Index of the World Economic Forum, the country’s ranking increased 32 and 21 points respectively. Also in the logistic performance index, India improved the ranking by 19 points.

Describing IOPs as permanent ambassadors of India, he asked them to help their ancestral country by helping to invite investment, facilitate awareness-raising and work as a catalyst to promote tourism. He said that for his government, the IOPs were partners and he revealed that NITI Ayog has included his contribution in his Agenda for Action for Development 2020 of India.

Modi talked about the far-reaching policy changes of the government with the guiding principle of “reform and transform” to avoid the attitude of “jaisa pahle tha, vaise hi chalta rahega, kuchh badlega nahi, kuchh hone vala nahi” (everything will continue as in the past, nothing will change, nothing will happen). ”

Without naming China’s role in African countries and elsewhere, where it is building roads and energy projects, Modi said that India pursues “development aid” to small countries, but does not rely on the “give” model. and receive”. “We do not want to exploit any country’s resources or monitor any territory, we always focus on capacity building and resource development, and we take everything together to move forward,” he said.

Meanwhile, the main Opposition Congress blew holes in its claims, saying the prime minister was revealing “the half truth” at the PIO parliamentary conference. Congress spokesman Raj Babbar said, noted that the new investments had fallen to Rs 7.9 lakh crore in 2017 against Rs 16.2 lakh crore in 2014 in the last year of the UPA government. Babbar also rejected the BJP’s accusation that Congress President Rahul Gandhi criticized the country during his current trip to Bahrain. He said there is a difference between criticism and concern.