Rajinikanth, a leader without party in Tamil Nadu


CHENNAI: Rajinikanth has shown his political inexperience by blaming the antisocials for instigating the violence during the antistrict protests, many feel. What he said may be politically incorrect for many, because in Tamil Nadu, the ‘correct’ thing is to approve the violence unleashed against the administration, especially when it is against the police.

Rajini may have chosen the wrong place to say it, but it takes guts for someone to say what he thinks, knowing full well that he may not be playing in the gallery and that he is ruffling many feathers.

Rajinikanth does not seem to be acting in real life. He could have played the right chord with the common man, who is not stupid to look beyond the underlying political currents that handle every agitation in the street. There is a large number of people who are not AIADMK or followers of DMK. He seeks to approach them.

His visit to the Tuticorin government hospital to call injured victims has once again shown its popularity quotient. People crowded the streets to see it. The patients and their assistants shook hands, forgetting for a moment their pain. Before Rajini, many leaders had visited the wounded in the same hospital. Even though an injured youth rudely asked Rajinikanth: “Who are you?” The difference in public response was harsh.

The political flow in which Tamil Nadu is located could throw many possibilities. Rajini is a leader without a party and the AIADMK is a party without a leader. The political polarization, each day more intense, could unite them. Rajini’s views on the Sterlite violence were bathed by AIADMK spokesman ‘Namadhu Amma’ to defend the government.