Political corridors buzz as PM Narendra Modi meets DMK president M Karunanidhi


CHENNAI: A day before a crucial juncture in cases of 2G spectrum allocation scams, the surprise meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and DMK’s sick president, M Karunanidhi, seems to have raised the spirits of the DMK. Officially, the DMK maintained that it was a courtesy meeting, but unofficial sources indicated that it was loaded with messages that could have repercussions in the future.

The Modi-Karunanidhi meeting at the latter’s Gopalapuram residence lasted barely half an hour, but it was the atmosphere that became the topic of conversation. DMK President, MK Stalin, hastily interrupted a trip abroad and returned to Chennai before the visit of Modi, Kanimozhi and his mother Rajathi Ammal present at the residence of Gopalapuram along with other leaders of DMK, and the arrival of the leaders of the BJP there.

Reiterating that the meeting was of no political importance and that it was only a courtesy call from the prime minister, DMK spokesman A Saravanan told ET: “The DMK has always kept its principles and policies close to its heart and will never compromise them. Let’s not forget that the alliance with the BJP during 1998-99 was only after he agreed to sign a common Minimum Program with the DMK. ”

However, a DMK representative who did not want to be identified agreed that the BJP was comfortable with the DMK at Monday’s meeting and the warmth with which Stalin and Modi greeted each other “has raised the stature of our leader (Stalin ) “.