Poisoned Russian ex-spy’s daughter Yulia Skripal discharged from hospital


Yulia Skripal, the daughter of a former Russian spy, who was poisoned with a nerve agent in the United Kingdom with her father last month, was released from the hospital, authorities said today, an incident that sparked a major diplomatic row with Moscow.

Yulia 33, and her father Sergei Skripal, 66, were found collapsed in a bank in the town of Salisbury, southwest England, on March 4, in what British authorities said was an assassination attempt. by the Russian state.

She left the Salisbury District Hospital, where she and her father had been recovering since March 4, and moved to a secure undisclosed home in the countryside in the United Kingdom, authorities said.

Sergei is also on the road to recovery, they said.

Initially, there were fears that the Skripals would not recover, but last week hospital officials and police said both were improving.

“This is not the end of his treatment, but it marks a significant milestone,” said a senior hospital official.

According to the deputy executive director of the hospital, Christine Blanshard, Sergei’s recovery was slower than Yulia, but “we hope that he too can leave the hospital in due time.”

It is expected that the father and the daughter will suffer some long-term consequences as a result of coming into contact with the toxic substance.

In a tweet, the Russian embassy congratulated Yulia on her recovery, but said: “We need urgent proof that what is done is done of its own accord.”

The Western allies supported that Great Britain had indicated with the accusing finger the attempt of murder of the Skripals against the Russian regime, but Moscow denied energetically any participation and accused London of inventing a “false history”.

The incident has sparked a furious international dispute, with more than 20 countries around the world expelling more than 150 Russian diplomats. In response, Moscow launched its own expulsions.

British Prime Minister Theresa May reiterated this week that Moscow is “guilty” of the attacks.

The police investigations concluded that the couple first came in contact with the nervous agent Novichok at his home in Salisbury, in the south-west of England.

Detective Sergeant Wiltshire Police, Nick Bailey, who was one of the first to attend the scene, was also treated at the hospital after being exposed to the nerve agent, but has since been discharged.

Skripal’s pet cat and two guinea pigs also died as a result of the attack.

Researchers have identified 131 people who have potentially been in contact with the toxic nerve agent, and up to 500 people who visited the pub or restaurant linked to the Skripals movement on March 4.

They told them to wash their clothes and possessions. Sergei is a retired military intelligence officer who was convicted of passing the identities of Russian intelligence agents working in a covert manner in Europe to the MI6 secret intelligence service in the United Kingdom.

He was imprisoned for 13 years by Russia in 2006, but was released in 2010 as part of an exchange for 10 Russian spies arrested by the FBI.

Yulia had traveled from Russia to visit her father the day before the couple was poisoned on March 4.

During the weekend, it was learned that intelligence officials in the United Kingdom are in talks with the CIA about the possible repatriation of the Skripals to the US. UU Or another friendly country for your safety. It is likely that the duo will be offered new identities under a witness protection program.

For Britain to help the couple, a senior police officer is expected to issue the Skripals with a so-called Osman warning, a formal notification that intelligence suggests that there is a real and immediate threat to life.

They could then be placed under a witness protection program on the basis that the pair contains key evidence about a possible motive for the attack.