PM Modi Reveals ‘One Mantra’ His Mother Gave Him on Becoming CM of Gujarat


New Delhi: in another installment of the interaction of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with ‘Humans of Bombay’ on Facebook, an effort inspired by the renowned photographer ‘Humans of New York’ by Brandon Stanton. Modi talks about some of his best memories with his mother. .

Modi said that for his mother, the fact that his son became the prime minister of Gujarat will remain the most valuable and largest milestone for him to become the country’s prime minister.

Then he went on to remember the moment he met with his mother in Ahmedabad before taking oath as chief minister of the state.

“Many people ask me how my mother felt when I became PM, but by then the name ‘Modi’ was in the air, my photos were printing and there was a lot of excitement everywhere, but I think the biggest milestone for she was when I became a CM, “PM Modi said in the fourth part of the interview.

Modi, who lived in Delhi at the time of the announcement, said he traveled to Ahmedabad to meet his mother and brother before the swearing-in ceremony. However, upon arriving, he realized that Heerabaen Modi already knew that his son would be the CM of the state.

“My mother just looked at me, hugged me and said: ‘The best thing is that now you will go back to Gujarat!’ “Such is the nature of a mother, that no matter what is happening around her, she wants to be close to her children,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister then shares that “a mantra” that his mother gave him that day has always stayed with him.

she said: ‘Dekh bhai, I do not understand what you are doing, but promise me that you will never accept a bribe, never commit that sin.'” Those words really impressed me and I will tell you why. A woman who has lived in poverty throughout her life and who has never had material comforts, during a time of abundance and celebration, asked me not to accept a bribe, “said the Prime Minister.

He said that his mother always taught him to be humble and that his roots are still strong, although he is now the Prime Minister.

“In the past, even if someone told my mother that I got an ordinary job somewhere, I would have distributed mithai to the whole village.” Therefore, CM-VM does not care, as long as the human in the chair Make an effort to achieve it, be honest and absolute for the country, “said Modi.

In the previous installments of the interview, Prime Minister Modi had talked about his childhood: how he grew up as the son of a tea vendor, his initial inclination towards the ideological mentor of the BJP RSS, his two-year visit to the Himalayas and how he learned to speak Hindi.