People To Choose Who Will Be Thrown Away: Naveen Patnaik Slams Amit Shah



Chief  Minister Naveen Patnaik said on Sunday that the people of Odisha will decide who will be thrown out in the 2019 elections.

“We should wait for the results of the 2019 elections. The people of Odisha will decide which government will be discarded and which government will stay,” said the chief minister.

Mr. Patnaik was responding to the BJP president, Amit Shah, who called people at a rally in Puri to overthrow the Biju Janata Dal (BJD) government in the state.

The Chief Minister also described Mission 120 of the BJP as “absolutely absurd.”

The BJP has set a goal to secure 120 seats in the 147 members of the Odisha Assembly.

With Mr. Shah describing the BJD government as a merged transformer, Patnaik said: “We will wait and see who is the merged transformer and who is the Odisha transformer.”

He also responded to the allegations that BJD is Team B of Congress.

The BJD is the A team itself and equidistant from both the BJP and the Congress, he added.

Earlier on Sunday, Shah compared the BJD government to a “burned transformer” for not transferring the central fund to the people.

He said that even though the Center has allocated Rs. 5.13 lakh core to Odisha, the fund did not reach the base level.