Pakistan’s ISI tries to ‘honeytrap’ three Indian officials, attempt successfully foiled by India


New Delhi / Islamabad: Three Indian officials were summoned just in time, frustrating an offer from Pakistan’s Interinstitutional Intelligence Service (ISI) to trap them and extract sensitive information from them, a report by the Times of India revealed.

The officials, who are currently in India and are being interrogated, were returned after they revealed the ISI plan. The names of the officials are being withheld.

The plot was noticed by Indian officials before any classified document was leaked to Pakistan.

The officers realized from the start that they would probably be trapped and immediately informed the senior Indian authorities. They were asked to return to Delhi immediately.

Indian officials worked with the language section and were responsible for the translation of official documents, reports TOI. There have been many attempts by Pakistan to attract such officials to local hotels by women and then extract information from them. A source tells TOI that the attempt, in this case, was to seduce them, film them in a compromising position and then possible blackmail of documents.

The government will make a decision on this matter in the coming days.